Find out about SEVEN places on the social media platforms Instagram and Facebook where you can put a WORKING link to website .  This makes it super easy for followers to find your website.

Top Tip: All the social media platforms have somewhere to put a link to your website if you have a business profile  – make sure you make the most of the opportunity and TEST the links.  But be aware that you cannot simply put a link to your website in every post.  For example, on Instagram, links in posts simply do not work.  This means it would be really fiddly for someone to connect to your website.  In a similar way, Facebook will reduce the reach of an organic post which contains a link.

Social Media Linking Tips

So follow these tips below to make sure that followers can easily connect to your website.

Instagram link locations >

  • In your business bio where it says “website” in edit profile.  If you need to use more than one website url link, you could consider using a third party product like Linktree.
  • On an IGTV video. Every time you create an IGTV video, add a link to your website.  Be brave create more videos, they will get great engagement
  • If you have over 10 Thousand followers, you can add Swipe up to your stories

Facebook link locations >

  • Remember to set up the action button on your business Facebook page – users coming to your page will see this straight away
  • Fill in your about section properly and add your website.
  • You can add a comment which allows a link to your cover image. Not many people know this.   Simply double click on the cover image (rectangular one), click edit on the right hand side, enter a call to action followed by your website link.
  • Similarly you can add a comment and url to your your profile image (the round one)

In contrast to these, Pinterest loves a website link, so this is a great platform to use to drive traffic to your website.  So If you would like to know more about business posting on Pinterest, contact me using the form below.

Follow these steps to get it all flowing and growing.

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