Find out why it is important to link to social media from your website

With so much information to put onto your website, do you need to put follow links back to your social media channels at all?

Here are six reasons why it is a good idea to link to social media from your website

  1. Most website designs and themes have the capability to show social media icons – take advantage of this.  This will give your website more authority.
  2. Websites can have “follow me” icons for all the major social media platforms.  These are typically Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Remember that not everybody uses Chrome or Bing to do their searches.  Therefore having “follow me” icons gives your website visitors the option to follow you on their favourite platform.
  3. Make sure these icons are easy to spot on your home page.  In addition, you need to check that they are correctly linked to your social media business accounts.
  4. Get these right and your fans will be able to easily tap the mouse and be taken straight to your social media pages to follow and engage with you.
  5. Product and blog pages can have “share on” buttons – make sure these are set up for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter on your website. So that your fans can share your amazing products and services with their friends with a tap of the finger.
  6. Wondering which social media platform to set up accounts for? For retail, shops, arts, crafts and gifts, the best platforms for you to use are Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Where as for services businesses, customer services and business to business engagement normally Twitter and LinkedIn will work better.

So go on – get those accounts set up and linked up properly to get the flow going.

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