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How To Stop Business Email Going To Spam

How To Stop Business Email Going To Spam

How to stop your business email going into your customer spam . In other words, why you need to check that your business email domain has SPF, DKIM and DMARC records set up correctly. This is a biggie for every business regardless of size. Both Google and Yahoo are...

10 Ways To Save Time With Scheduling

10 Ways To Save Time With Scheduling

With so much to do, I find batching and scheduling anything and everything helps save time and overwhelm.  Just sit down, switch your brain to focused, create ( i.e. copy, paste and edit šŸ˜‰), then schedule away.  Which means you can be in a client meeting, out in the...

Why Write A Blog

Why Write A Blog

Why write a blog? Do you feel that writing blogs for your website seems a bit old hat.  Wondering if it's worth the hassle? Well here are 5 reasons why writing a blog will help your business marketing in the long run: Regularly adding blogs and fresh new content will...

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Iā€™m Sarah Hobbs, website designer and social media consultant based in the UK.

I specialise in helping small businesses and sole traders understand the connections between their social media and websites (and other selling platforms), to build a sales and social media strategy, which ultimately leads to feeling confident using social media and running websites.

I offer website design, Pinterest social media management and Pinterest Ads, social media audits, Dashboard Reporting, Training and One to One Social Media Strategy Consultancy

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