With so much to do, I find batching and scheduling anything and everything helps save time and overwhelm.  Just sit down, switch your brain to focused, create ( i.e. copy, paste and edit 😉), then schedule away.  Which means you can be in a client meeting, out in the car, in the supermarket etc, when your post or email pops out into the world.

So this time I thought I’d share my list of things that I’ve found can be scheduled:

  1. Google emails – whether it’s the bog standard free gmail version or the paid version – see the little arrow next to the send button.  I bet you hadn’t even noticed that. This is great for both personal and business when you have to regularly send similar emails.

  2. LinkedIn Posts – no need for a separate scheduling tool now. Look for the clock next to the post button.

  3. Facebook and Instagram posts – use the free meta business suite or another scheduling tool.

  4. Instagram Reels – look for the advance options right at the bottom of the page before you share.  (Phone app only)

  5. WordPress blog posts – look for the option of post immediately – click on that to find a date and time.

  6. Facebook group posts – see the scheduled time button ABOVE the post

  7. EBay – you can schedule when your item goes on auction / sale.  This is great if you want your auction to finish at sweet spot 8pm on a Sunday – relax watch Strictly all the way to the end.

  8. Pinterest – you can now schedule image and video posts (known as pins) up to 28 days in advance now.

  9. Newsletter with your email marketing provider – like Mailerlite, Active campaign, convertkit, Mailchimp – although you may need to be on the paid version of some of these

  10. YouTube videos – you can choose when your videos go public

Well I hope that gives you some tips you didn’t know and helps you save time so you can do more of what you love.

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PS Since writing this originally, I’ve also remembered that you can schedule bank payments – great for sending money gifts to the teenage nephews on Birthdays and Christmas!