Why write a blog? Do you feel that writing blogs for your website seems a bit old hat.  Wondering if it’s worth the hassle?

Well here are 5 reasons why writing a blog will help your business marketing in the long run:

  1. Regularly adding blogs and fresh new content will definitely help your website SEO. That’s search engine optimisation or keeping Google happy ( as I like to call it). Google, Bing etc love new content to scan.  Top tip – remember to sprinkle in a few keywords or phrases that your ideal clients are likely to search for.
  2. Writing blogs is a great excuse to show off your skills, knowledge and experience in your industry where that’s services or products. Plus it will help to grow your know, like and trust factor.
  3. Fed up with spending hours on social media content? Only for it to disappear from the feed a few days later? Well give your most popular social media content a longer life span in your blog posts. Repurposing content means writing that blog is so much easier – whether it’s from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or even from your newsletters.
  4. Once your blog is up there on the internet, it’s so easy to share on social media channels especially LinkedIn and Facebook.  Top tip – remember to share your blog in Facebook groups as well as posts from your Facebook page. Sharing the blog to offer help to the group members, is a great strategy as a soft sell.  You’re sharing you knowledge and helping them.  Of course it’s your blog. So you can add links to your products or services within the blog.
  5. Engaging blogs can only drive more traffic and leads to your other web pages. Visitors will easily be able to see what else you offer – whether that’s other blogs or your sales pages. Some people are nosy (like me ) and like to click around a site to find out more.  But you may also want to include the odd link to nudge them to your sales pages if relevant.

For me, why I write a blog, is to repurpose my content (especially newsletters) and give it a permanent home on my website.  It’s a win win, as it’s also an easy way to build up the number of pages on my website – which platforms like Pinterest love.

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