Do you ever feel confused about what SEO actually means and pushed it to the back of your to do list? Does it sound so technical, it must be something in matt black, have small flashing lights and perhaps a whiff Lynx about it?

Well here’s the thing – SEO ( aka Search Engine Optimisation) is just about making sure your website is google friendly ( i.e search engine friendly) and easy to use and attractive to your ideal client
Things like

  1. Adding or updating your website content so it’s interesting to humans
  2. Is your website mobile friendly? Over 60% of internet traffic is on mobile devices these days. So does it work and look fine on mobile devices?
  3. Do the pages load fast enough? Remember to only use png images when you really need them. By default use jpg images.
  4. Making sure the web page title, url and content use the key words your ideal client would use

So why bother with all of this when you’ve got sparkly social media platforms to put content on? Well …

  • Remember not everyone uses social media and even if they do, they may not have seen your post.
  • The social media platforms have complete control over who sees your content, when and how long for.
  • Fed up with spending hours creating social content – only for it to have a limited lifespan? Well, how about adding these to blogs on your website? That way, it’s there for as long as you want, easy to share and can be updated when you feel the need
  • Having your own website gives you control back on your content

Well I hope these tips have make you feel a bit happier about SEO and why having your own website is such a benefit to running your business. Just let me know if you have any questions on it via my contact page

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