Find out how to use Links on Facebook and Instagram in the right way.  I’ll also tell you which social media platforms love and hate links to websites in a post. This is a really important information – if you don’t get it right, your post may not get seen by your followers, plus the link may not work.  Either way, your followers won’t be able to easily buy from you.

The first fact to know is that Facebook and Instagram hate links in a post.  They really want to keep their users within their app.  Even though it is easy or it used to work in the past and it feels logical – a post with a straightforward link to a website will not perform well.

Try these tips to get around this problem.

How to Use Links On Instagram

  1. Use the website link in your bio and test that it works.   It actually does not have to a link to your website, it could be a url for your Etsy shop or another platform where clients can see your products or services
  2. Next in your post, either within the image or within the caption, put the text “see link in bio”.  Plus a call to action to encourage your fans to do this.
  3. Create an IGTV Video and add your link there.  Make sure the video is over 1 minute long – be brave

How To Use Links Facebook

  1. Make sure you have put links to your website in your business page in the “call to action” button and in the about section.  Plus test that they work
  2. Check that your Facebook business page has a proper username (handle) aligned to your business name and handles on other social media platforms. For example:  mybusinessname
  3. When writing your post, rather than put a link to your website in the text, you need to put a link to your Facebook business page just by using @ For example: @mybusinessname

It isn’t all bad news for the good old fashioned link.still has a fan. Pinterest loves links.  So Pin away to your hearts content to drive more visitors to business on this social media platform

I hope you found these tips on the right way to use links on Facebook and Instagram super useful.  You may also be interested my article about why sending email newsletters is important to business